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Dialysis Clinic Governance & Patient Safety and Quality

Fresenius Kidney Care Australia

Dialysis Clinic Governance & Patient Safety and Quality


Fresenius Kidney Care ensures the safe, efficient, and effective functioning of each dialysis clinic through the development and implementation of appropriate governing policies and guidelines.

Patient Safety and Quality

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards[1]


Fresenius Kidney Care aims to provide high-quality safe dialysis care in comfortable surroundings. Care provided by our nursing staff is patient centered, within the framework of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, by which all our clinics are accredited. 

  • NSQHS_1_Icon-Governance-Standard-png

    Clinical Governance

  • NSQHS_2_Icon_Partnering-With-Consumers-Standard-png

    Partnering with Consumers

  • NSQHS_3_Icon_Healthcare-Associated-Infection-Standard-png

    Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infection

  • NSQHS_4_Icon_Medication-Safety-Standard-png

    Medication Safety

  • NSQHS_5_Icon_Comprehensive-Care-Standard-png

    Comprehensive Care

  • NSQHS_6_Icon_Communicating-for-Safety-Standard-png

    Communicating for Safety

  • NSQHS_7_Icon_Blood-Managament-Standard-png

    Blood Management

  • NSQHS_8_Icon_Recognising-and-Responding-Acute-Deterioration-Standard-png

    Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration

Patient Experience Survey

Patient Experience Surveys are conducted annually to measure, manage, and enhance our care services. We use the widely accepted Net Promoter Score (NPS)* metric. In 2023, our national Net Promoter Score (NPS)* was 72. 


72% of our patients answered that they would highly recommend our services to others.

*The Net Promoter Score is a value between -100 and 100.

Hand Hygiene Compliance


The ‘5 moments of hand hygiene’ are employed at all Fresenius Kidney Care Clinics in accordance with National Hand Hygiene Initiative (NHHI) including before touching a patient; before a procedure; after a procedure; after touching a patient and after touching a patient’s environment. The NHHI benchmark is 80%. Our clinics' average audit compliance is 85% to 86%, above the national benchmark.


In Fresenius Kidney Care Clinics, we strive to reduce hospitalisation events for our patients recognising the impact that going to hospital has on the individual, and their families. By monitoring and measuring the reasons for hospitalisations, we try to anticipate and manage risk factors to prevent hospitalisation.


Percentage Hospitalisations Jan to Dec 2023

Fluid Imbalance related


Vascular Access I (AVF/AVG)


Vascular Access II (CVC- Catheter)


Infections (Non Vascular) 


Diabetes Related


CVD related




CNS Related 


Gastrointestinal related


ESRD Management related


Disease of the respiratory system


Anaemia Related


Disease of the Musculoskeletal and connective tissue


N= 3446 episodes of hospitalisations across 23 clinics during 2023

Online Suggestion Box

[1] Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC), 2022